Giving Back with Thread Together

Black Friday, the day/week/month most of the fashion industry decides to go on clearance with massive sales to clear their stock and make way for a new collection. However, we’ve decided to swim against the tide and keep our promise to you to help shift the dial from Fast fashion to Sustainable fashion.

As part of a worthy cause, we at 1Ō8 SPORTIF have partnered with Thread Together to donate all our unsold pieces from our previous collection to women in need escaping domestic violence and support new refugees in our country. Thread Together is an Australian not-for-profit organisation which supports the vulnerable by providing essential brand new clothing to Australians who are doing it tough.  

Here are some quick facts on the great work Thread Together do:

> Approximately 30% of clothing is never sold

> Thread Together works with brands to redistribute these clothes to over 2,000 people per week

> The company has diverted over 1,200,000 items of clothing from landfill

Learn more about the great work they do here.

While our previous blog talked about the elements that go into creating sustainable fashion, ensuring we have an end of lifecycle plan for our garments that don’t sell was equally important to close that loop for sustainable fashion.

We’re a young brand and are constantly learning everyday. We aim to create two season-less capsules per year in limited production runs - ensuring we don't overproduce, moving away from the fast fashion model that creates up to 50 fashion cycles per year. 

We have decided not to offer any season sales and will continue to donate any excess pieces we create on Black Friday every year to stop this unsustainable trend. While this might upset some people and impacts us financially as a young brand, we believe we need to take a stand against this cycle and set a new precedent for the following reasons:

  1.  It upsets customers who pay full price for their garments.
  2.  It devalues all the effort and craftsmanship that goes into creating your pieces.
  3.  It gives rise to the term seasonality in the fashion industry where people and businesses rely on certain times in the year to make purchases, creating unsustainable future expectations of the same.

We thank you for your continued support in helping us shift the dial from fast fashion to sustainable fashion, one step at a time.

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